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This is a place for you to discuss all things book-y, in particular our Book of the Month.

A brief summary of the community can be found on the profile page, and as you'll see it's all very straight-forward. I want you all be able to discuss things freely, so posts aren't moderated - I'm sure you and your many diverse opinions can get on with each other just fine! As mentioned on the profile, however, all spoilers must go under a cut.

Any books that you wish to be nominated for Book of the Month should be posted as a comment here. The idea is to get people reading those books that they've had sat on their shelves for years, to get people reading things they never would have picked up before, to get people discovering and discussing old favourites again, helping them to see them in a new light.

Most importantly I want everyone to enjoy this community, so any comments - positive or negative - you have about the running of it can be posted as comments to this post.

Now go, feel free to introduce yourselves!


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